Sunday, August 28, 2011

Remodel Catch up, 35 day's 249 - 269

We're in the full on throws of a main floor remodel. When I say, we're changing everything. Seriously, everything. Here's a few before photos of the kitchen {Taken just before the demolition started} Famous last words, "Daphne, get of here with that Camera" Enjoy...
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-60

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-59

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-57

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-55

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-56

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-63

When asked for suggestion, I said, "Hey this Electrolux kitchen looks pretty sweet." Fingers Crossed.

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-52

Out with the old tile. No, we have not chosen a new tile yet and Yes, my flooring is now super splintery Plywood.

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-65

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-64

New Garage Doors. Please Note that installing new Garage doors with your spouse is considered one of the "for worse" times you were told about while taking your vows.

11-08-07 Phone Randoms-13

The Vise grips were the thing stopping me from shear death during the installation. Scary.

11-08-07 Phone Randoms-12

11-08-07 Phone Randoms-08

Packing up my kitchen. Yuck. I hate packing.

11-08-07 Phone Randoms-07

Mike trying to narrow down our kitchen cabinet choices...

11-08-07 Phone Randoms-06

Me and Madison, bored with cabinet choices...

11-08-07 Phone Randoms-05

The First of many boxes of things living in my Living room...

11-08-07 Phone Randoms-03

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