Sunday, February 27, 2011

35, day 97 - Beach Babes

One of my favorite ways to spend the day is at Dauphin Island, Alabama. Miles of beach, easy to find a perfect spot to spend the morning. Had a great time in the sand with the Ellenburg Babes while Mr. Ellenburg spend the day cooped up tiling his cave-addition.
Love this Fence - Could stay here forever!
FB 022611 Beach Boys 61

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-22bwfilm

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-12a

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-11a

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-01bwblush
It's me! Compliments of the fantastic remote control for my kick-ass camera.
fb 022611 Beach Boys All-37star

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-36star

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-31Star

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-26SMI

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-24xbrt

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-59Lol

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-58timeless
This is when the fog rolled in, made for some great black and white shots!
fb 022611 Beach Boys All-56bwfilm

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-54timeless
I love wave crash shots - so much fun!
fb 022611 Beach Boys All-46mad
Building Sand-Castles in my family never goes smooth.
fb 022611 Beach Boys All-42glam
All in All a fun day with minor Wind & Sun burn. Loved it. Grant said it was the best day of his life, I think that was a bit dramatic, but it was a pretty fantastic day.

35, day 96 - Friday at the Beach with Madison

Friday was such a beautiful day, why not pack a picnic and head to the beach? Madison and I had a great time. And it was a great excuse to mix work with fun while I worked on a new project. I was able to get many of these great shots thanks to a little Mother's day gift from my wonderful husband, a remote control for my camera. I can be in any photo I want. That's a thoughtful gift for someone who is always behind the camera.
fb022611 Madison Beach-66
This shot is my favorite. I always love taking this shot of other families when we're doing a family shoot.
It was nice to take my own.

FB 022611 Madison Beach-63a

FB022611 Madison Beach-59a

fb 022611 Madison Beach-54a

fb 022611 Madison Beach-46a

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

8/52 "View from here"

And the Winner is...Bird Watching in HDR.

FB 022011 Bird Watching-01 HDR Aa

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

35, day 88 - Bigger Head

Today I decided that I'd like to do one of these wedding shows every month, if only for the boost my ego needs to keep at my art. Wow, I really felt like a rock star at tonight's event. My table rocked - lots of black and white, beautiful framed gorgeous prints, handouts, portfolio, my beloved Bridal Mosaic displayed and my super sweet Macbook Pro rocking out my website.
021711 Bridal Show-03a
I met a lot of great looking couples.
021711 Bridal Show-04a
And listened to endless gushing over my photos. I thought on the drive home, how many times would I like to hear that kind of stuff, and I just can't put a number on that
head swelling photo love.
021711 Bridal Show-16a
It felt nice. It made me feel like my photos make a difference to the people I take them for. It renewed an appreciation for my passion for photography. I needed that this week.
021711 Bridal Show-23a
I've been thinking about my passion a lot this week. I met a lot of photographers, that do no prints at all - disks only. I know that seems pretty popular right now, that's not what I'm selling. I like to think that the end result of any photo shoot is to put that photo somewhere, on wall, on your desk, in a
card to grandma - somewhere.
021711 Bridal Show-27a
Editing the shot to near perfection and then holding that print fresh from the lab - that's what it's about for me. I'm in love with the final product. There is one masterpiece in every shoot. The world looks different through the camera lens, and
I like what I see.

021711 Bridal Show-08a

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

35, day 86 Finished Fantastically

I love celebrations! Contrary to popular belief, I don't gung ho celebrate everything, but big things deserve a BIG DEAL. Tonight, Grant was recognized as Key Student of the month, and once a quarter these are celebrated at City Hall with the Mayor. He was fortunate enough to be invited to city hall for this recognition. Key Student celebrates good grades, good manners, and recognizes initiative and Leadership.
I was so proud of my baby.

fb 021511 Grant & Mayor William-02

FB 021511 Grant & Mayor William-01a

fb 021511 Grant & Mayor William-03

Key student gets to pick the after awards activity, so of course, Grant was hungry. Mexican food with some Karaoke sung by the old and great family time, made for an excellent end to a fantastic day!

35, day 86 - Hearts weekend extended

Today feels like another great day. I had such an amazingly relaxing Valentine's day weekend, I didn't want it to end. Great company, surrounded by all my Valentine's and
I was productive too.

021410 Random-01
Big Accomplishments:
1. Started the Taxes - Having a LLC means saving every receipt and tracking every mile, Organizing that drama to make it tax audit friendly is no picnic, which reminds me why I like to have a Martini during the Tax organization phase. I'm clear thru September 2010. Hooray.
2. Painted - I painted the ceiling in the new Man-Cave addition. I've never seen paint that starts pink and dries white, good stuff. One coat, very nice.
3. Amazing Valentine Dinner - Between Me, My Mom & Mike, we had the greatest evening. Mike grilled steaks, we had spinach salads, and Mom made her famous Cauliflower mash - yum (or the optional baked potato.) All Followed by Memaw's strawberry tall cakes - It was GREAT!
021410 Random-02
After what seemed like endless baseball trivia, I got to pick the movie. I love this movie. I looked for it on Saturday in Mike's movies, and was surprised we didn't have it, so he picked it up for me. Valentine's day rocked.
I've got another big night tonight. Oh boy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

35, day 85 Fifteen days of Fun

The past fifteen days have been packed full of all kinds of things...Where shall we begin? I spent an afternoon at the tracks taking some photos of trains. Yep, I dodged the homeless and gave Mike a near Heart Attack as I dangled $3500 over puddles & Mud - but I got some great shots. Check out my trains on
021411 Randomness-04
I rekindled my LOVE of John Meyer.
021411 Randomness-02
Introduced Madison to my Favorite Movie, "She said, it's not Chicken Little" She was unimpressed. I'll try again next year.
021411 Randomness-03
She's so stinking Cute.
021411 Randomness-05
I got myself an espresso machine, that came with an instructional DVD. Is that really necessary? I'm sure this video tacks on an extra $10-$15 bucks to everyone's purchase. I'm really rocking out the mornings now.
021411 Randomness-06
We enjoyed a quiet Super Bowl - much slower than we rooted like our lives were on the lines last year for our Saints. Interestingly enough, I'm not the one who burned the wings this year. This was fun for me, because Mike really gave me a ruff time when my little flippers literally decentigrated right off the bird. Very Sad. Mike burned these enjoying the half time show.
021411 Randomness-07
Enjoyed this gorgeous afternoon.
021411 Randomness-08
Watched my oldest make a paper world for his alien eraser.
021411 Randomness-09
Over-Did another Valentine's day. I'm a giver. It's not a crime.
021411 Randomness-10
Permitted my Daughter and a Duck to dress alike.
021411 Randomness-12
Send out much Love for Valentine's day.
021411 Randomness-11
Fell in love with giant candy hearts, but consumed none thanks to my new lo-carb motto - "Less Carbs, More Life" Embrace it.
021411 Randomness-13
Enjoyed some beautiful flowers from my Valentine.
021411 Randomness-14
Me and My Big Valentine.
FB 021311 My Valentine-04a
And my Little Valentines.
2011 Valentine Card
It's been a GREAT 15 days...hope yours is going great too. And it's Valentine's happy hearts day. Hope you spend it doing something you love surrounded by people who appreciate you and how hard you work.