Wednesday, March 30, 2011

35, day 128 "There goes my Beatle"

This week's Project 52 Theme is "Just for Fun" - not unlike a few weeks ago's theme of "Girls just want to have fun" - but that is neither here nor there. We had a little fun with the Kiddo's Beatle Love this week and used some umbrellas. This week's feature photo is Grant. I call it "There goes my Beatle" fb 032711 Just for Fun-10aa Also enjoyable were... fb 032711 Just for Fun-02a fb 032711 Just for Fun-05a fb 032711 Just for Fun-03a You may be asking yourself, "Where is Mr. Ellenburg?" - Oh I'll bet he's working that fancy Camera - Nope, remote control. Mike said things like, "Daphne, there was only 4 Beatles" An easy out for a busy guy. None the less, I have a Blue umbrella for him for next time when we'll try for 5 Beatles. fb 032711 Just for Fun-12a Jackson is such a Ham.

35, day 127 Tangled

The young mind is easily marketed to. I have no doubt that there is not a nicely funded research project proving this point right now. For nearly a month, my 3 year old could tell me the release date for "Tangled" on Blu-ray no less. As it got closer, she knew. "Tangled is coming in 2 weeks on Blu-ray" Tuesday, she woke up and recited "Mom, Tangled is out today on Blu-ray, will you bring it home?" How can I say no to that sweet face? 032911 Phone Randoms-01 For good measure, I also brought home a doll. I wish I could just freeze time and keep her so sweet and small. Photography is the only way I can do that, reflecting on those photos are magical. I know that one day, many years from now, she'll see these again remember how loved she is. That's what great photography is all about. A beautiful Memory frozen in time. Have you seen Tangled yet? By the end of the week, Madison & I will know all the songs - thank you Disney's Fast Play.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Catch up - the Last 11 days

Wow, this is becoming a habit - the past 2 weeks just wizzed right past me. Life is getting busier and busier, but it's nice to slow down and reflect on the good stuff. Especially when there is so much good stuff. Grant has fallen in love with Fudge Bars. He says that he will dance every time he has one. After watching the dancing, I have fallen in love with them too. Now, I have to buy them just for the entertainment. 032611 Phone Randoms-01 I spent the last 2 weeks creating these bags for the Magnolia Manor Bridal's very time consuming to be so crafty. Thank goodness for my team of volunteers. Someone remind me to start these a month in advance next show. 032611 Phone Randoms-04 Grant's Braves are now the only team undefeated in Little League in our tiny town. This is a big deal & he's pretty excited! I really like our coach. This last game, both teams were undefeated and we were up 7-2 after the first inning & Coach came over to the stands and said "How you guys enjoying THIS game?" Good Stuff. 032611 Phone Randoms-15 I was lucky enough to spend two great days this weekend at the Festival of Flowers. The first day I took Memaw & Madison. Madison said, "I smelled a Million Flowers today" 032611 Phone Randoms-10 032611 Phone Randoms-11 032611 Phone Randoms-12 On Saturday, I attended the awards ceremony at the Festival of Flowers with my little family. My Photograph placed for Best in Show - I am very honored and proud. It was so nice to have my family support me at the show. My photo is titled "Beach Blossom" 032611 Phone Randoms-13 032611 Phone Randoms-14 032611 Phone Randoms-16 I am totally in love with "The Tourist" I have watched it 3 times. I want to watch it again tonight. It makes me want to take a trip to Venice! I wish it had a digital copy and I'd be watching it right now on my phone. Just sayin. 032611 Phone Randoms-02 Looking forward to another Week...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Highlights of the past 10 days!

Where have the days gone? Day light savings time changes seem to spin like a black hole. The days have been getting away from me, but each day has been filled with excitement. Here's a few photos of what's been happening...compliments of my favorite Hipstamatic.
Mardi Gras was GREAT fun. Mobile Alabama loves it's Mardi Gras celebration. Mike & I took the kiddies out for a fun day of carnival fun on Lundi Gras.

fb 030711 Mardi Gras-32a
Here's Jackson, so young to be tied to his technology. He is his mother's child.
fb 030711 Mardi Gras-11a
The famed Mobile Moon Pie.
fb 030711 Mardi Gras-04a
I bought a new fan.
031311 Phone Randoms-01
And a new Bird.
031311 Phone Randoms-05
Enjoyed a Rock Band Friday Night - 100% on the vocals, yeah, that's right.
031311 Phone Randoms-07
Had some Middle School Clarinet Flashbacks while helping out at the Saraland Lion's Club Fundraiser for the Saraland High School Band.
031311 Phone Randoms-17
Attended the Judging of the photography contest for the Festival of Flowers at Calagaz in Mobile Alabama.
031311 Phone Randoms-23
And WON!!! I placed for BEST IN SHOW (a really big deal) Still riding the high from this small victory. Below is winning "Beach Blossom" - come visit it at this year's Festival of Flowers, March 24-27th.
2011 Festival of Flowers Place for Best in Show
Watched the Braves beat the Red Sox.
031311 Phone Randoms-29
Found the biggest Red Bull ever, and drank it. (this may be the cause of 75% of my time change induced insomnia)
031511 Phone Randoms-01
Celebrated the Braves win over the White Sox.
031511 Phone Randoms-02
And helped reassemble part of the newly added work out room. We've been adding this room on to our house one weekend at a time since September. Painted & layed the tile last week. It's looking GREAT!!
031511 Phone Randoms-03
Forced help. Well Kind of or maybe mostly, but we did promise to help. I think I dislike it the most since last time, I almost killed Mike moving the weights down a flight of stairs. Ooopsy.
031511 Phone Randoms-04

031511 Phone Randoms-05

All in All...lots of good family fun, Lots of Baseball, Win for ME, Wins for my little Braves, and the addition of the workout room is taking shape. Loving Life, and hating the time change, except for the extra sun; I like that part.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

35, day 113 "Darks & Lights"

Enjoy a quick on of week 11 of Project 52. I call it "Bird Walker" - it's a really muted HDR of Madison & her new Birdie.

11/52 Darks & Lights, "Bird Walker"

Saturday, March 5, 2011

35, day 103 - A great start to the Weekend

I've a great couple of days! I spent the day Friday with Mike and our family, just relaxing and driving around town, little shopping, little dinner. So wonderful. It's so relaxing to not make any plans and just go.
I took some great photos, like this one.

030411 Random Phone-01
I recognized the MOVIE STOP is clearly one of my favorite stores. Picked up Malice & The Game, then rocked out a great movie night. Seriously, I hadn't seen either. Great stuff.
030411 Random Phone-02
Booked Ellenburg Photography in the Magnolia Manor Wedding Show, and hung out there, enjoyed the grounds and the house and took some great photos. This is going to be a fun event. I really love doing wedding shows, everyone is so excited and eagerly planning. It's fun to be surrounded by that kind of excitement.
030411 Random Phone-03
Enjoyed a fantastic lunch at The Blue Gill - even got the Elvis Booth. A real bonus.
030411 Random Phone-04
A few of Mike & Madison at our Lunch Date.
030411 Random Phone-06

030411 Random Phone-05

030411 Random Phone-08

030411 Random Phone-07

During our shopping adventure, Mike found a "pro" guitar for the rock band obsession he has with the boys - real strings, it's going to be harder and harder to be in Mike's Rock band. I love this photo.
030411 Random Phone-09

A rainy Saturday. That means dinner in and great movies. And maybe I'll squeeze in editing the photos from Magnolia Manor. Loving Life.

Friday, March 4, 2011

35, day 102 - Catch up

So..what have I been up to? Here's the condensed version, compliments of the Hipstamatic - the greatest iPhone app ever!!

I hit the Beach (2 days in a row), I love Dauphin Island.

030211 Random Phone-05

030211 Random Phone-06
Madison is a handful of baby.
030211 Random Phone-07

Bought and watched some movies...Confession: also had a Megamind themed dinner party, complete with MegaDinner. Yes, we have a movie sickness.
030211 Random Phone-02

030211 Random Phone-09

Had a lengthy discussion of good vs. evil and the dancing bears with Mr. Ellenburg. He doesn't like this painting at all.
030211 Random Phone-08

Enjoyed some great & very wise take out.

030211 Random Phone-01

Slowed down to watch the flowers bloom.

030211 Random Phone-10

Its been a GOOD week and it just keeps getting better. I'm a very lucky lady with all her ducks almost in a row.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

35, day 100 Flowers, Flowers everywhere

Struggling to narrow down my photo to enter into the Better Homes and Garden's Festival of Flowers. I've been polling everyone I can, this first one seems to be everyone's favorite. I like it the most too - followed by perhaps the third one. I also realized, I will make any excuse to photograph at the beach. Such a great relaxing place to hang out.

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-07saph + Golden Autumn

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-05aHeirloom

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-19 MUS

fb 022611 Beach Boys All-05a

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