Sunday, January 30, 2011

35, day 67 My Muse

Look what I can do with 10 Minutes...These are great shots.

Blog 012911 My Muse-05aMA

Blog 012911 My Muse-10aVE+SA

Blog 012911 My Muse-13aSA

Blog 012911 My Muse-06aMA

Blog 012911 My Muse-08aHE

Blog 012911 My Muse-04aLO

Blog 012911 My Muse-03aMA

Blog 012911 My Muse-02aMA

Blog 012911 My Muse-01aMA

What you can't see is the pink and white Minnie Mouse Pj's hidden under this gorgeous scarf that my thoughtful niece gave me for Christmas. Madison just pops up and wants her photo taken. I love her so much. It's so nice to have a willing model in house 24/7.
I think we did a nice job with these shots for the Muse theme in the 52 week photo challenge. Dropped the first one in for the contest. This 52 week challenge has been a blessing for my creative stand-still.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

35, day 66 Muse Muse Musing.

So last week's Project 52 theme was "Soothing Repetition" - All I can think about was things to eat or drink.
I rocked out a plate of cookies.

fb 012611 Soothing Repetition-02gla
This week's theme is "Muse" - Muse is easy. Madison is clearly my Muse, as she is my #1 guinea pig for all ideas and projects. She tries all backgrounds and props first.
This is my Muse Last week.

FB 012111 Fun With Madison-14a
Seriously, how am I going to top this? This is my favorite photograph of her so far. The eyes are amazing. The lighting was perfect. I blew it up and framed in the studio already, I couldn't wait. In an effort to try to top this, I've got a new hat and some new backdrops. I love new backdrops.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

35, day 59 Work Work Work

I had BIG plans for today. I was going to work on the marketing for my new Wedding promotion, whiten the grout in my studio, paint my nails, watch chicken little with Madison and run 2 miles.
I spent the bulk of my day working on my photography business. New promotions and Facebook Fan Buzz. Between creating a new flyer for my "Summer of Love" Wedding special and creating a Friends Referral program. I launch the promotion tomorrow. I really like the marketing.

So, What else did I do...Well I started the day with amazing omelets. Did you know I like to flip over my omelets like a giant pancake before I do the half fold? Well I do, and if you've never tried it, it's amazing and tasty. Then I worked on the marketing, watched Chicken Little with Madison, watched a little football, took a long nap, conditioned Madison's curls and contemplated week 4 of my project 52. This week's Project 52 theme is "Soothing Repetition" - The first thing thing that came to my mind is tea or cough drops. I did tea last week. I'm not sure what I want to do, but I think I want it to be edible...or maybe I would like a late night snack. That is up for debate. Biggest disappointment of the day, I slept through my run time...I fell asleep in the forth quarter of one game and woke up at half time of the next. Running tomorrow, for sure.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

35, day 58 Unbelievable

FB 012111 Fun With Madison-14a

Wow. Can you believe that I made this gorgeous baby? I would like to confidently say that this may be the best portrait I've taken of her. I told this same sentence to my mother this morning at breakfast. She said, "You say that every time" That means either I'm an even more amazing photographer each day or that she's more beautiful each day or a healthy dose of both. Either way, I'm blowing this one up 16x16.
Having a studio in my home is such an amazing blessing. I'm one lucky lady.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

35, day 56 Ordinary can be Extraordinary

I've been so impressed with my 10 year old this week. On Monday, I punished him for not bringing anything home to study or review for his test on Tuesday. On Tuesday, he worked diligently to attempt to renegotiate his punishment to one day based on the fact that he could not bring home his Reading book.
Ellenburg Photography 011710 Shades of Grey-09afb
Ofcourse that didn't work, because in the 3rd quarter of classes, a student should know that he can't bring home his reading book before being punished for it. Anyway he missed the point of bringing home something. I do commend his enthusiasm for the negotiation. Perhaps a budding lawyer.
He's been a top notch student all week. Tons of quizzing and studying. It's been impressive, so we released him from his no video game punishment. (Which is the worst punishment ever...since he teared up a little, but refused to cry)
He even was my running partner this week a couple times, a mile each time. While we run, I learn about pokeman and various Disney television shows. It's been a really a nice time for us together, studying and running. He's growing up so fast. I just hate it.
The running is going well. I've ran 3.25 miles so far this week. Not a bad comeback.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

35, day 52 Shades of Grey

So, I think it might be cool to be one of those food photographers. I mean, great colors, great smells and I bet you get to eat what left after your little food photoshoot. Today I shot a full cup of tea, and then drank it. I bet it works the same at like Gourmet Magazine. Just sayin.
Ellenburg Photography 011710 Shades of Grey-05bw fb

Week 3 of the 52 project is themed "Shades of Grey" I went with Earl and then did a few around the house, with a non-glam self portrait. Fun times.

Ellenburg Photography 011710 Shades of Grey a-02 FB

Ellenburg Photography 011710 Shades of Grey-10a fb

Ellenburg Photography 011710 Shades of Grey-09afb

Enjoyed a day filled with mostly organizing the toys of my Three Year Old and these photos were a great way to unwind and enjoy the evening. Hooray for Project 52.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

35, day 42 - The Blahs.

So, I've got a bad bad bad case of the blahs. I don't have any reason more than another. I just can't seem to get motivated. Maybe I should continue to consider that handful of vitamins.
Things I considered doing today that I put off until another day:
1. Exercise - Yep, I don't like to run out in the country after dark...I should consider waking up early to get a good run in, but that would require me to go to bed before 11pm. Hmmmm. Not today.
2. Vitamins - I have a bottle. I bought them during a consideration of taking vitamins, this is a minimal effort activity. Perhaps tomorrow.
3. Eat Dinner - Really should have done that.
4. Hang my drapery rods - I seriously have the best new rods and drapes for my new fancy pants studio. The rods are Satin Nickle with a fantastic mother of pearl mosaic ends. The drapes are grommet Natural Linen, just sheer enough. They are tasty and will really make the room. I will add this to my list for this weekend.
5. Shave my legs - just saying, it's on the list. Shameful.

Real Plans - (besides the household slavery must dos of dinner, clean the kitchen, 3 kids ready for bed, answer EP emails and clean Madison's toy filled room)
1. Finish Watching this movie

Started it yesterday and passed out nearly immediately.

2. Sync Iphone with new fun Music.

Confession: I've never added my own music to my iphone, Mike's always done it for me, - music, movies, whatever I wanted. Wow, adding music is super easy. Makes me tempted to visit the attic and bring some classics back to life.

I think those vitamins might be doable for tomorrow. Friday, hurry up.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

35, day 40 - Shower Thoughts

For a while, I'd say June, July, and August, I had most of my great ideas while on a run - Just me, my quiet country road, those tiny country bugs that try to fly in your mouth while you're running and Tom Petty. Lately, since the running is on sabbatical and my quiet time is few and far between, I have those great ideas while driving or in the shower.
I mostly just have random thoughts, it goes something like:
1. The first step to a fit lifestyle is to actually consider it. I like to think about it. Hmmmmm. You know, waking up early to get my run in while watching the sunrise or something like that. Maybe planning and packing my lunch the night before, working in my 8 glasses of water and a handful of vitamins, counting my carbs, and rocking out my pony-tail. Considering it is indeed the first step. That could be a fortune cookie.
2. Who's writing those fortune cookies? Is that a job I could have? What does that job pay? I've got a head full of great fortune cookie fortunes or what about mis-fortune cookies. I could totally write those. "Something will fall on your head" "Call in sick tomorrow for your safety" "A black cat will cross your path" "Someone is watching you" "I saw what you did last summer" - these could go on forever. I actually like fortune cookies. Or fortunes, ok the cookie too.
010111 Memaw Bday phone-09a
I bet there are no fortune cookie books or fortune cookie photo books. Hmmmm.
3. There are alot of wierd things written on places where they just don't belong. Riddles inside candy wrappers opened up a lot of odd ideas. For example- I noticed...
Why are there coordinating riddles on my Shampoo that say see Conditioner for the answer? Why do these riddles suck? Why is this bottle almost empty before I read this riddle? Was this riddle really necessary? Just saying.
4. I'd like to do one of those 365 day or 52 week photo projects. I've seen self portraits, or pics of the same person every day. That seems like it would get old and I'd lose interest in month two. I read about one where it was 2 days devoted to each letter of the alphabet and I thought, that is doable. Considering a 52 week project. Remember, considering something is the first step.