Friday, June 24, 2011

35, days 209-211 Orlando

Traveled to Orlando this week for a little work and some Florida sun & Humidity. Enjoy a few pics from this weeks adventure...
First of all, Madison & the boys did not want me to go. (That always feels nice)

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-01

I hate the "travel" section at all stores in the airport. I want to go to Italy, but my ticket says Orlando. Don't these magazines need a photographer?
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-02

Bought a book. It rocks.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-03

Took two planes to get to Orlando.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-04

Stayed at the Peabody. It was pretty swank. Complete with a TV in the bathroom.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-08

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-06

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-05

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-07

Learned some stuff. Played some Roulette.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-11

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-15

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-16

Won Big. (sort of)
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-17

Saw the famous Marching Mallards.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-19

Saw some great sites & brought home some fun stuff for the Kiddos.
Space mission patches. I don't think these EVER get uncool.

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-22

Brought home a bag full of Harry Potter stuff....
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-33

Like a wand.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-29

A chocolate Frog...those things were huge (and tasty) - yes there was a card inside (very cool)
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-35

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-37

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-36

Every Flavor Beans.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-38

Gross. I got Earthworm followed by Soap.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-39

And a little Scabbers for my baby.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-40

Overall, Orlando and the Peabody hotel are a great place to visit, but there is no place like home. So happy to be back in Creola, Alabama. But if I could live somewhere else, it would be the Peabody Hotel. Trust me on this, its swank.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crave, 35 day 208

This week's Project 52 theme fit right into my love for the Hot Air Balloon! I went with the Coca-Cola craving. cold, no doubt. Darn you, 1200 Calorie Diet.
25/52 Mmmm, Craving a Coca-Cola!

Here's a few more from the Great Hot Air Balloon Show in Foley, Alabama:
fb 11-06-18 Balloon Festival-07

fb 11-06-18 Balloon Festival-02

fb 11-06-18 Balloon Festival-01

fb 11-06-18 Balloon Festival-06

fb 11-06-18 Balloon Festival-08

Father's Day, 35 day 207

A great day. A great Guy.
fb 11-06-17 Dad & Madison-01

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

35, day 200 Make it Tasty

Project 52 has a food theme! Food Photography is always tasty. Mostly because then we get to eat it or I at least get to taste it - enjoy a few of a very colorful Sunday Dinner.
24/52 Mmmmm Kabobs

24/52 Making it Tasty-03

24/52 Making it Tasty-01hdr

35, day 199 Catch up

As life continues to swirl and swirl around us...I slow down to photograph something everyday - here's a bit of the random activities I've been up to...Compliments of the ever exciting Hipstamatic for my iPhone.
Found this book in an antique it.

11-06-11 Random Phone-03
Was surprised this was high end art - it's called "Spiritual America" - who know's what people will dig up after I've kicked it.
11-06-11 Random Phone-01
I'm still painting the grout in my studio - it's hard to be inspired to do it consistantly. But i'm getting closer.
11-06-11 Random Phone-02
Enjoyed a Great dinner at Daruma in Daphne Alabama. Best Sushi ever. Only 800 calories. Try not to think about it.
11-06-11 Random Phone-04
Mike seriously popped some fireworks this week. One big one he found when he was cleaning the garage. Another perk of living in the country.
11-06-11 Random Phone-05
Photographed the adorable first cousins, Nora & Franci - they loved this bear.
11-06-11 Random Phone-06
Mike bought this vanity set for tiny Madison. I immediately claimed it as a shared item.
11-06-11 Random Phone-07
I am still in love with the Big Kahuna Water Park, and their Bahama Mamas.
11-06-11 Random Phone-09
I have still managed to NOT win the Lottery.
11-06-11 Random Phone-12
Enjoyed this beautiful Sunset.
11-06-11 Random Phone-13
Yep, it's my baby.
11-06-11 Random Phone-14
Bought some new music.
11-06-11 Random Phone-16
Watched this movie 3 times. Love it.
11-06-11 Random Phone-17
My award winning photograph has made it back home from it's 3 month Mobile Tour - not sure where it will live yet, but it looks great here in the studio for now.
11-06-11 Random Phone-18
This creepy wasp distracted my 7 mile bike ride. Stationary Style, of course.
11-06-11 Random Phone-19
And this sad one is called, "84 in a 70" - a real damper to end the week.
11-06-11 Random Phone-20
Remember to slow down and enjoy the days, especially when you're driving. When I told Mike about old 84 in a 70, he said, "Daphne, what's the problem? Isn't the speed limit posted everywhere?" As it turns out, it is.

Flashback to 35, day 195 Enchantment

I'm in love with Project 52. It keeps me shooting something I wouldn't ordinarily shoot every week and that's always a lot of fun for me. Here's a few of an Enchanting Photo shoot with my favorite little lady, Madison.
fb 11-06-06 Enchantment-18a

fb 11-06-06 Enchantment-17ma

fb 11-06-06 Enchantment-11sa

fb 11-06-06 Enchantment-16M

fb 11-06-06 Enchantment-07G

fb 11-06-06 Enchantment-13m
This was a great idea - we love this one!
23/52 Enchanting Daydream