Friday, April 15, 2011

Catch up - 35, days 129-144

Life continues to swirl all around me and past me. Can you believe my baby is Eleven years old this week? or that my husband challenged my aging mother to a game of one on one? all happened this week. Enjoy a few photos as I attempt yet again to slow down and blog more. Fingers crossed.
041411 Phone Randoms-04

041411 Phone Randoms-02

041411 Phone Randoms-03
Had as much fun taking these Eleven Year old photos as I did Editing them....sure do LOVE my software.
041411 Phone Randoms-11

The Birthday cake was the REAL masterpiece. I added my Beatle to the group. What a tasty cake!
041411 Phone Randoms-06

Jackson was so surprised & he LOVED it!

041411 Phone Randoms-07

041411 Phone Randoms-08

Funny mishap at the party, a mislaid beer made for an interesting photo.

041411 Phone Randoms-10

Iphone saves the day. Grant made his first Penance this week in prep for his upcoming Holy Communion. I sadly, can not remember my Act of Contrition. I made an app for that. Sort of. Father didn't mind.
041411 Phone Randoms-12

A few from yesterday's 2.5 mile walk run with my best girl, Madison.
041411 Phone Randoms-13

A nice reminder to stop and smell the flowers.

041411 Phone Randoms-14

041411 Phone Randoms-15

Jumping and more Jumping.
041411 Phone Randoms-16

Remember the Fox and Hound? Well, this morning at breakfast we saw the Fox and the Cat. I don't think they were friends.
fb 041211 Braves vs Redsocks-15

fb 041211 Braves vs Redsocks-17

OH, and Mike did challenge my mother to some One on One, she lost.
041411 Phone Randoms-05

Until next time, Remember: Life is swirling past us at blazing speeds. Slow down and enjoy the little things.

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