Saturday, April 16, 2011

I know the all the words to Mr. Jones, 35, day 145

I have rediscovered my LOVE for the Counting Crows. Cd's we all have so many, where do you keep yours? After I've packed out my iPod, I store mine in the attic. Between my Husband and I, we have quite a grand collection up there if you don't mind the dust. This week I went up there and brought down 5 albums & loaded them on the iPod - great stuff, No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom, The first Hootie, The last Jewel, The Beatles Anthology (for my Beatles obsessed Children) and Counting Crows. I fired up the Counting Crows on my endless driving yesterday and...
041511 Phone Randoms-04
I was instantly transported back to 1994. I'm rocking out, still know all the words. I'm quite impressive. The album was great for a girl starting out in life back in 1994 - to me it was all about where you are and where you are going and almost being good enough. It reminded me of all the things I wanted to do with my life. And still, I feel like I almost have it all, but I'm "Still Carving out my Name" Adam Duritz, you've still got it.

What else did I do....Well, Madison and I took another walk (or ride as I push her in her stroller), where she picked endless flowers.

041511 Phone Randoms-01

041511 Phone Randoms-02

And I started my first class from USA (University of South Alabama) - It's called LENS - Learn, Experience, iNspire &'s supposed to get my creative juices flowing. Fingers Crossed. I'll be there all day Saturday, so I'm really looking forward to some excitement.
041511 Phone Randoms-03

Til next time, Remember, Life is moving at blazing speeds - slow down and enjoy the little things, and download yourself some Counting Crows, I think we're all still carving out our names.

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