Sunday, July 31, 2011

35, days 212-241

Yes, indeed, it's been a long stretch since my last blog. Life has really sped up. As always, when I have these long stretches in life's busy chaos, I say "I'll do better" - so....I'll try to do better. Here's what I've been up to...
I bought this lens. It is so attractive.

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-01

Took the kids to a balloon show...
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-02

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-03

Read an awesome book!
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-04

Took the Family to Dauphin Island in the late afternoon for Sun, Sand & a Snow Cone.

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-05

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-06

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-07

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-12

Got this thank you card from a happy Mom. {I love Thank you Cards}
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-08

Bought some powdered PB - wacky but tasty & only 45 calories.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-10

Went to Destin...yes, again.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-11

Fell in love with steamed Shrimp.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-13

Won another contest - {happy dance} Mine is the attractive sailboat shot.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-15

Ate 3 pineapples - with the help of the Ellenburg family.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-16

Bought some new music
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-17

Was the guest speaker at the Rotary Club of North Mobile - spoke about vacation photography.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-20

Took the kiddies to see the last Harry Potter movie - it rocked.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-25

Shot a wedding here.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-23

And another wedding at St. Ignatius in Mobile Alabama.
fb 11-07-16 Maria & Mark Peek-02

Got this as a warning to Mike's remodel planning.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-27

Remodel color planning.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-28

Discovered that these are hard to find.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-35

Shopped with Madison & Rosebud.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-36

Bought my first gallery wraps - all 24x30 and coordinated them with my new red sofas.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-38

11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-39

Created a 75 calorie Margarita.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-40

Another Remodel Fortune.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-41

Mike, greatest husband ever, bought me a new car.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-44

The boys went to New Mexico to visit their Granny & Papa ... and came back - Hooray! 11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-51

The planning of the Remodel has really started Rocking.
11-07-24 PHONE RANDOMS-53

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