Friday, June 24, 2011

35, days 209-211 Orlando

Traveled to Orlando this week for a little work and some Florida sun & Humidity. Enjoy a few pics from this weeks adventure...
First of all, Madison & the boys did not want me to go. (That always feels nice)

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-01

I hate the "travel" section at all stores in the airport. I want to go to Italy, but my ticket says Orlando. Don't these magazines need a photographer?
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-02

Bought a book. It rocks.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-03

Took two planes to get to Orlando.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-04

Stayed at the Peabody. It was pretty swank. Complete with a TV in the bathroom.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-08

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-06

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-05

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-07

Learned some stuff. Played some Roulette.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-11

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-15

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-16

Won Big. (sort of)
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-17

Saw the famous Marching Mallards.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-19

Saw some great sites & brought home some fun stuff for the Kiddos.
Space mission patches. I don't think these EVER get uncool.

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-22

Brought home a bag full of Harry Potter stuff....
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-33

Like a wand.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-29

A chocolate Frog...those things were huge (and tasty) - yes there was a card inside (very cool)
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-35

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-37

11-06-23 Travel Orlando-36

Every Flavor Beans.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-38

Gross. I got Earthworm followed by Soap.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-39

And a little Scabbers for my baby.
11-06-23 Travel Orlando-40

Overall, Orlando and the Peabody hotel are a great place to visit, but there is no place like home. So happy to be back in Creola, Alabama. But if I could live somewhere else, it would be the Peabody Hotel. Trust me on this, its swank.

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