Thursday, February 17, 2011

35, day 88 - Bigger Head

Today I decided that I'd like to do one of these wedding shows every month, if only for the boost my ego needs to keep at my art. Wow, I really felt like a rock star at tonight's event. My table rocked - lots of black and white, beautiful framed gorgeous prints, handouts, portfolio, my beloved Bridal Mosaic displayed and my super sweet Macbook Pro rocking out my website.
021711 Bridal Show-03a
I met a lot of great looking couples.
021711 Bridal Show-04a
And listened to endless gushing over my photos. I thought on the drive home, how many times would I like to hear that kind of stuff, and I just can't put a number on that
head swelling photo love.
021711 Bridal Show-16a
It felt nice. It made me feel like my photos make a difference to the people I take them for. It renewed an appreciation for my passion for photography. I needed that this week.
021711 Bridal Show-23a
I've been thinking about my passion a lot this week. I met a lot of photographers, that do no prints at all - disks only. I know that seems pretty popular right now, that's not what I'm selling. I like to think that the end result of any photo shoot is to put that photo somewhere, on wall, on your desk, in a
card to grandma - somewhere.
021711 Bridal Show-27a
Editing the shot to near perfection and then holding that print fresh from the lab - that's what it's about for me. I'm in love with the final product. There is one masterpiece in every shoot. The world looks different through the camera lens, and
I like what I see.

021711 Bridal Show-08a

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