Monday, February 14, 2011

35, day 85 Fifteen days of Fun

The past fifteen days have been packed full of all kinds of things...Where shall we begin? I spent an afternoon at the tracks taking some photos of trains. Yep, I dodged the homeless and gave Mike a near Heart Attack as I dangled $3500 over puddles & Mud - but I got some great shots. Check out my trains on
021411 Randomness-04
I rekindled my LOVE of John Meyer.
021411 Randomness-02
Introduced Madison to my Favorite Movie, "She said, it's not Chicken Little" She was unimpressed. I'll try again next year.
021411 Randomness-03
She's so stinking Cute.
021411 Randomness-05
I got myself an espresso machine, that came with an instructional DVD. Is that really necessary? I'm sure this video tacks on an extra $10-$15 bucks to everyone's purchase. I'm really rocking out the mornings now.
021411 Randomness-06
We enjoyed a quiet Super Bowl - much slower than we rooted like our lives were on the lines last year for our Saints. Interestingly enough, I'm not the one who burned the wings this year. This was fun for me, because Mike really gave me a ruff time when my little flippers literally decentigrated right off the bird. Very Sad. Mike burned these enjoying the half time show.
021411 Randomness-07
Enjoyed this gorgeous afternoon.
021411 Randomness-08
Watched my oldest make a paper world for his alien eraser.
021411 Randomness-09
Over-Did another Valentine's day. I'm a giver. It's not a crime.
021411 Randomness-10
Permitted my Daughter and a Duck to dress alike.
021411 Randomness-12
Send out much Love for Valentine's day.
021411 Randomness-11
Fell in love with giant candy hearts, but consumed none thanks to my new lo-carb motto - "Less Carbs, More Life" Embrace it.
021411 Randomness-13
Enjoyed some beautiful flowers from my Valentine.
021411 Randomness-14
Me and My Big Valentine.
FB 021311 My Valentine-04a
And my Little Valentines.
2011 Valentine Card
It's been a GREAT 15 days...hope yours is going great too. And it's Valentine's happy hearts day. Hope you spend it doing something you love surrounded by people who appreciate you and how hard you work.

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