Tuesday, June 14, 2011

35, day 199 Catch up

As life continues to swirl and swirl around us...I slow down to photograph something everyday - here's a bit of the random activities I've been up to...Compliments of the ever exciting Hipstamatic for my iPhone.
Found this book in an antique store...read it.

11-06-11 Random Phone-03
Was surprised this was high end art - it's called "Spiritual America" - who know's what people will dig up after I've kicked it.
11-06-11 Random Phone-01
I'm still painting the grout in my studio - it's hard to be inspired to do it consistantly. But i'm getting closer.
11-06-11 Random Phone-02
Enjoyed a Great dinner at Daruma in Daphne Alabama. Best Sushi ever. Only 800 calories. Try not to think about it.
11-06-11 Random Phone-04
Mike seriously popped some fireworks this week. One big one he found when he was cleaning the garage. Another perk of living in the country.
11-06-11 Random Phone-05
Photographed the adorable first cousins, Nora & Franci - they loved this bear.
11-06-11 Random Phone-06
Mike bought this vanity set for tiny Madison. I immediately claimed it as a shared item.
11-06-11 Random Phone-07
I am still in love with the Big Kahuna Water Park, and their Bahama Mamas.
11-06-11 Random Phone-09
I have still managed to NOT win the Lottery.
11-06-11 Random Phone-12
Enjoyed this beautiful Sunset.
11-06-11 Random Phone-13
Yep, it's my baby.
11-06-11 Random Phone-14
Bought some new music.
11-06-11 Random Phone-16
Watched this movie 3 times. Love it.
11-06-11 Random Phone-17
My award winning photograph has made it back home from it's 3 month Mobile Tour - not sure where it will live yet, but it looks great here in the studio for now.
11-06-11 Random Phone-18
This creepy wasp distracted my 7 mile bike ride. Stationary Style, of course.
11-06-11 Random Phone-19
And this sad one is called, "84 in a 70" - a real damper to end the week.
11-06-11 Random Phone-20
Remember to slow down and enjoy the days, especially when you're driving. When I told Mike about old 84 in a 70, he said, "Daphne, what's the problem? Isn't the speed limit posted everywhere?" As it turns out, it is.

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