Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kitchen Remodel Continues

This week, we've made some real progress. Half the of the kitchen was completely emptied - floor to ceiling.
Mike laid the backer board, I laid the tile...

{I chose a nice Pinot Beige tile and No, I have still not chosen any paint yet} BTW - I'm pretty bad-ass with this tile wet saw, yeah, that's right. Bad Ass.

The Cabinet assembly has started. They are espresso stained oak.

And the Custom kit for the fancy Fridge/Freezer was a pain in the ass. But it does look sweet, and it will be sweeter when I get to turn it on.

Mike says he's hit his head on these lights 45 times. {I lost track of the count after 15} And every time he hits his head, I say "Don't rip them out!" When his head hits 50 - he says he's ripping them {insert cuss words of your choice} out. I hope this handy homemade hideous tie back helps. {Fashioned out of a power cord that Mike may or may not find that he needs}

On a sidebar... the tankless hot water heater died. RIP Titan 2200. American Home Shield sent me a plumber who made my home is first tankless installation {thanks again for that AHS}, which he then dragged out 3 weeks. Remodeling is hard enough without taking away my hot water too.

Since I had to clear out the last of the cabinets, where will all the first aid live? {I had a kitchen drawer devoted to it} I have to bandage someone up daily here. Nurse Daphne lives on from a cardboard box of supplies now. PS - Snoopy band-aids make all wounds instantly better, unless you're Mike.

And on a final sad note: The Keurig had to move into the 1/2 bath. Now it's like I live in a hotel with nicer beds that I have to make myself.

The rest of the kitchen cabinets get evicted tonight, stay tuned.

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