Monday, October 17, 2011

Road trip to Natchitoches, Louisiana

What a GREAT weekend! I haven't been back to Natchitoches in over 15 years. {This makes me feel a bit old when I'm hitting a 15 year college reunion. But none the less, I headed back over to Louisiana. And, I brought my super duper husband with me to my Sorority Reunion.}

We left Creola, Alabama early. And of course I snapped some shots along the way...
Here's the Huey P {the scariest Bridge ever}.

And I found this when I stopped in Ville Platte. You can fill up your car & buy a KATANA SWORD and still pay more for the fill up.

When made it to Natchitoches {about 6 hours of driving}, I took Mike around the NSU campus..

It has changed so much! Then... I made him try a famous Natchitoches Meat Pie from Maggios.

Then after checking into our 2 star hotel {which I did take some heat for, but seriously, it's Natchitoches - the best is 2 stars} It was off to Antoon's on the River to see my Sigma Kappa Sisters. It was so great to see my Sig Kap Besties! Wish more could have made the trip.

FB 11-10-14 Sig Kap 01

FB 11-10-14 Sig Kap 03

FB 11-10-14 Sig Kap 02

FB 11-10-14 Sig Kap 05
And later, when we ditched the "fly boys" to hit up the REAL Antoon's
FB Antoons
I was happy not to find any photos of me on the Famous Antoon's wall. {Dodged another close one there} And I was happy to see the shoe-shine chair still had all its glory.
FB 11-10-14 Sig Kap 09

And for even more fun, this guy is still there.
Guy split
All in All, a great weekend with some great people. I had fun. Mike had fun. I hope it doesn't take 15 more years to do it again :-)

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