Sunday, January 30, 2011

35, day 67 My Muse

Look what I can do with 10 Minutes...These are great shots.

Blog 012911 My Muse-05aMA

Blog 012911 My Muse-10aVE+SA

Blog 012911 My Muse-13aSA

Blog 012911 My Muse-06aMA

Blog 012911 My Muse-08aHE

Blog 012911 My Muse-04aLO

Blog 012911 My Muse-03aMA

Blog 012911 My Muse-02aMA

Blog 012911 My Muse-01aMA

What you can't see is the pink and white Minnie Mouse Pj's hidden under this gorgeous scarf that my thoughtful niece gave me for Christmas. Madison just pops up and wants her photo taken. I love her so much. It's so nice to have a willing model in house 24/7.
I think we did a nice job with these shots for the Muse theme in the 52 week photo challenge. Dropped the first one in for the contest. This 52 week challenge has been a blessing for my creative stand-still.

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