Friday, November 26, 2010

35, day 2

I kicked off my day two with the extravaganza of Black Friday Shopping. During this adventure, I realized a couple of things:
1. I am not made for Black Friday Shopping. This is why the Ellenburg's shop year round & hide things all over the house.
2. There is nothing I need bad enough to camp out for hours in a line filled with overzealous strangers. Keep it.
Knowing these two things, I was still compelled to get out into the frenzy and see it again. I hadn't hadn't shopped Black Friday in 5 years and needed a hefty reminder of why I don't do it. Mr. Ellenburg and I, headed out just before Midnight to check the crowds. My toy shopping is basically done, but I might could purchase a few stocking stuffers. Checked ToysRUs - Line, 2 miles long. That's out. Maybe the boys might like some Old Navy Jeans, Line half mile long, in the rain. That's out. What I really needed (more than anything) while I'm out is a gallon of milk. I hate buying Milk at a gas station - say what you'd like. So, off to Wal-mart. I'm small town, my Wal-mart is not too busy. I even had decent parking. I checked out the crowd. What do these people want to buy? Looked like the demand was for Video games, Fleece pull-overs (needed for the 5 days of cold weather we will get) and some kind of robot cat. (Weird) I felt a strong urge to purchase this $8.00 Stick Vac - ps I am in love with it.
112610 PHONE-02
I just bought one. My crowd of overzealous strangers bought them in fours. By the way, this little charmer is magical. My days of complaining over my crumb trailing two year old may indeed be over.
After a small rest, in my comfy bed. I enjoyed a steamy cup of Dark Magic (my Favorite) and busted out my new lens for a few pics of Jackson. Then I decked myself out in my Roll Tide gear and put up the Roll Tide Tree in the man cave. It is beautiful.

112610 PHONE-04
We have a gathering of some kind every tide game, unless we're at the game. Iron Bowl is always a lot of fun. No win this year, but still loved the game. The Iron Bowl, I love it and I hate it. I love the smack talk that goes on for the weeks before and after. I hate that when it's here, I know that when it's over, so it is the season, win or lose.
Day two was a good day.

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