Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Cheer, 365 Day 4

I did something today that I said I would not do. I bought more Christmas gift. I've got to stay out of the stores or cancel my subscription to the Mobile Register.
Regardless, my day was very enjoyable. I slept in. I did some #5 and cleaned my room, while Mike worked on some Stucco for the downstairs addition. Memaw made a giant Gumbo - yum. I hung some more Garland on my Fireplace Mantle (I was straight out of that 3M commercial), put up a tiny Christmas tree in Madison's room and started my outdoor lighting. Mike and I dragged out the Plastic Christmas Tree Army from it's cozy home in the attic.
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Every time I see the plastic Christmas Army, I remember a Windy Christmas 3 years ago when the Army still lived at Aunt Angela's house. We arrived at her house on Christmas morning and all the army was overturned and everywhere. Grant stepped out the car and exclaimed "It's a Christmas Massacre!"
My hands were frozen, but those guys are lit and in my yard. Tomorrow, the porch and the start of the ice sickles. Oh, Boy!
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It's really starting to feel like Christmas at the Ellenburg Home.

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