Thursday, November 25, 2010

35 is the new 21

112510 PHONE-12

So, here I am at 34, and 365 days yesterday. So, what do I look like today - basically the same. Thirty-Five. That's a big number. It's not Forty, but almost. It's not Thirty, but almost. So, I put a lot of thought into and here's what I've come up with. Thirty-five is the new twenty-one but with cooler stuff. I still feel young enough to do anything I want, and now I pretty much can. I couldn't do that at Twenty-one. Thirty-five. It feels good.
It's my birthday, and a national holiday. This makes enjoying one's birthday a challenge. Yesterday on 34, day 365, my family took me out to dinner at my favorite Mexican Restaurant, the one with the paintings of men holding chickens - that could be any of them right?
112510 PHONE-18
Have you ever noticed that? Anyway, My Sister & Brother in law joined us. It was a good time. I Had a nice party. I got some great gifts. My wonderful husband really blew me away with this lens.
112510 PHONE-21
Pretty sexy right?
Today, I slept in, had lunch at my Sister & Brother in law's (Thank you so much Sister for creating a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast) and worked on her family Christmas card and my family Christmas card,
looking good right?
(I'm kind of going through a card creation obsession)
112510 PHONE-15
And I squeezed in the Saints game, had a minor altercation over Turkey & Watched Sleepless in Seattle ( I love love love that movie). It's really been a nice day.
I've got big plans for Thirty-Five. Lets see how many I can list:
1. I'm going to write something every day. I used to write a lot, Now - not so much.
2. I'm going to post a photo everyday of something. Photography is my passion. I've got a million things I want to try, now I'm going to get out there and try them.
3. Continue to grow the Business side of my Photography Business.
4. Develop some kind of Fitness routine I can stick to - I am the queen of running for a solid 2 weeks and then taking off the next 2 months.
5. One Word: Organization.

It's a tall order. Thirty-Five, here I come.

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