Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I heart Pottery Barn! 35, day 6

Hidden among all the Toys R Us coupons and the EVIL Bed Bath and Beyond Flyer, there is was. The most magical of all the Holiday mail -
The Pottery Barn Christmas Catalog.

113010 PB-08
This is my new 1984 Sears Catalog. I LOVE IT. I can look at it over and over again, and still not feel like I've read it enough. Sometimes I even look at in different rooms in my house, and plot and scheme and yes, purchase. Here are some things I'm in love with:
113010 PB-07
See, I knew it was fashionable to have cameras laying around. Awesome.
113010 PB-06
This frosty favorite has a shelf life of one month each year, but it will be the most fun month of the year. He will look amazing on the bar pouring out a white Russian or a Candy Cane-tini. Yum. Just Sayin.
113010 PB-05
This was my biggest dreamiest thing. I already have this window with seat - ready to create this magical seating area - minus the pumpkins. Loving the drapes, not crazy about the storage under the table - only because I imagine it cluttered
with random legos.

113010 PB-04
I always love this.
113010 PB-02

113010 PB-03
Michael has voted that I not dangle large stick stars from our dining table, but I really just like the shelving behind this. I didn't take his vote away from him - it's his birthday week.
113010 PB-01
These guys always do the BEST trees. The only thing that can top looking at this catalog over and over again, is a trip across the bay to the Pottery Barn store. Friday. Yep, going FRIDAY!

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