Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Highlights of the past 10 days!

Where have the days gone? Day light savings time changes seem to spin like a black hole. The days have been getting away from me, but each day has been filled with excitement. Here's a few photos of what's been happening...compliments of my favorite Hipstamatic.
Mardi Gras was GREAT fun. Mobile Alabama loves it's Mardi Gras celebration. Mike & I took the kiddies out for a fun day of carnival fun on Lundi Gras.

fb 030711 Mardi Gras-32a
Here's Jackson, so young to be tied to his technology. He is his mother's child.
fb 030711 Mardi Gras-11a
The famed Mobile Moon Pie.
fb 030711 Mardi Gras-04a
I bought a new fan.
031311 Phone Randoms-01
And a new Bird.
031311 Phone Randoms-05
Enjoyed a Rock Band Friday Night - 100% on the vocals, yeah, that's right.
031311 Phone Randoms-07
Had some Middle School Clarinet Flashbacks while helping out at the Saraland Lion's Club Fundraiser for the Saraland High School Band.
031311 Phone Randoms-17
Attended the Judging of the photography contest for the Festival of Flowers at Calagaz in Mobile Alabama.
031311 Phone Randoms-23
And WON!!! I placed for BEST IN SHOW (a really big deal) Still riding the high from this small victory. Below is winning "Beach Blossom" - come visit it at this year's Festival of Flowers, March 24-27th.
2011 Festival of Flowers Place for Best in Show
Watched the Braves beat the Red Sox.
031311 Phone Randoms-29
Found the biggest Red Bull ever, and drank it. (this may be the cause of 75% of my time change induced insomnia)
031511 Phone Randoms-01
Celebrated the Braves win over the White Sox.
031511 Phone Randoms-02
And helped reassemble part of the newly added work out room. We've been adding this room on to our house one weekend at a time since September. Painted & layed the tile last week. It's looking GREAT!!
031511 Phone Randoms-03
Forced help. Well Kind of or maybe mostly, but we did promise to help. I think I dislike it the most since last time, I almost killed Mike moving the weights down a flight of stairs. Ooopsy.
031511 Phone Randoms-04

031511 Phone Randoms-05

All in All...lots of good family fun, Lots of Baseball, Win for ME, Wins for my little Braves, and the addition of the workout room is taking shape. Loving Life, and hating the time change, except for the extra sun; I like that part.

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