Monday, March 28, 2011

Catch up - the Last 11 days

Wow, this is becoming a habit - the past 2 weeks just wizzed right past me. Life is getting busier and busier, but it's nice to slow down and reflect on the good stuff. Especially when there is so much good stuff. Grant has fallen in love with Fudge Bars. He says that he will dance every time he has one. After watching the dancing, I have fallen in love with them too. Now, I have to buy them just for the entertainment. 032611 Phone Randoms-01 I spent the last 2 weeks creating these bags for the Magnolia Manor Bridal's very time consuming to be so crafty. Thank goodness for my team of volunteers. Someone remind me to start these a month in advance next show. 032611 Phone Randoms-04 Grant's Braves are now the only team undefeated in Little League in our tiny town. This is a big deal & he's pretty excited! I really like our coach. This last game, both teams were undefeated and we were up 7-2 after the first inning & Coach came over to the stands and said "How you guys enjoying THIS game?" Good Stuff. 032611 Phone Randoms-15 I was lucky enough to spend two great days this weekend at the Festival of Flowers. The first day I took Memaw & Madison. Madison said, "I smelled a Million Flowers today" 032611 Phone Randoms-10 032611 Phone Randoms-11 032611 Phone Randoms-12 On Saturday, I attended the awards ceremony at the Festival of Flowers with my little family. My Photograph placed for Best in Show - I am very honored and proud. It was so nice to have my family support me at the show. My photo is titled "Beach Blossom" 032611 Phone Randoms-13 032611 Phone Randoms-14 032611 Phone Randoms-16 I am totally in love with "The Tourist" I have watched it 3 times. I want to watch it again tonight. It makes me want to take a trip to Venice! I wish it had a digital copy and I'd be watching it right now on my phone. Just sayin. 032611 Phone Randoms-02 Looking forward to another Week...

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