Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Random Nothingness, 35 day 7

Well, I've been 35 for an entire week and my accomplishments of the top 5 for 365 are minimal. I'm writing everyday. I am not shooting everyday (oh, how I want to be...). I'm still baby stepping my budding business. I'm no closer to a fitness routine than I was 2 weeks ago. And #5 is still last for a reason. Organization. It should be a four letter word.
Mostly, today, I just hung out in my happy place.
Blog 092810 Belize-02
This pic is from my "All about the LOVE" September getaway. Best Trip Ever.
So, it's hard to concentrate. I should be organizing the randomness in my almost studio to make that a smooth transition or completing the Christmas Letter. Speaking of the Christmas letter. Christmas letters are out of control. They keep getting longer and longer. Every year, I secretly decide that I'm NOT writing the Christmas letter this year, and every year someone different tells me how much they look forward to it. Sigh. So, I am writing a Christmas letter this year, same as always. Don't panic or call my Mom. Okay?
My dog won't stop barking at whatever lives in my woods and Mike just fixed the heater on the middle floor. It was making this terrible noise that sounded like a Jedi sword about every 60 seconds. Weird.
Tomorrow is Mike's Birthday eve. Yes, Birthday Eve. I haven't really made any birthday plans for him yet as we had a mock combined birthday party last week, so he has all his kick-ass giftables. I got him the 360 Kinect & 4 more Black Leather Movie chairs for the Man Cave.
Darn it, the Jedi sword is back.
Tomorrow, I'm planning on seriously digging into that Christmas letter.

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