Thursday, January 6, 2011

35, day 42 - The Blahs.

So, I've got a bad bad bad case of the blahs. I don't have any reason more than another. I just can't seem to get motivated. Maybe I should continue to consider that handful of vitamins.
Things I considered doing today that I put off until another day:
1. Exercise - Yep, I don't like to run out in the country after dark...I should consider waking up early to get a good run in, but that would require me to go to bed before 11pm. Hmmmm. Not today.
2. Vitamins - I have a bottle. I bought them during a consideration of taking vitamins, this is a minimal effort activity. Perhaps tomorrow.
3. Eat Dinner - Really should have done that.
4. Hang my drapery rods - I seriously have the best new rods and drapes for my new fancy pants studio. The rods are Satin Nickle with a fantastic mother of pearl mosaic ends. The drapes are grommet Natural Linen, just sheer enough. They are tasty and will really make the room. I will add this to my list for this weekend.
5. Shave my legs - just saying, it's on the list. Shameful.

Real Plans - (besides the household slavery must dos of dinner, clean the kitchen, 3 kids ready for bed, answer EP emails and clean Madison's toy filled room)
1. Finish Watching this movie

Started it yesterday and passed out nearly immediately.

2. Sync Iphone with new fun Music.

Confession: I've never added my own music to my iphone, Mike's always done it for me, - music, movies, whatever I wanted. Wow, adding music is super easy. Makes me tempted to visit the attic and bring some classics back to life.

I think those vitamins might be doable for tomorrow. Friday, hurry up.

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