Tuesday, January 4, 2011

35, day 40 - Shower Thoughts

For a while, I'd say June, July, and August, I had most of my great ideas while on a run - Just me, my quiet country road, those tiny country bugs that try to fly in your mouth while you're running and Tom Petty. Lately, since the running is on sabbatical and my quiet time is few and far between, I have those great ideas while driving or in the shower.
I mostly just have random thoughts, it goes something like:
1. The first step to a fit lifestyle is to actually consider it. I like to think about it. Hmmmmm. You know, waking up early to get my run in while watching the sunrise or something like that. Maybe planning and packing my lunch the night before, working in my 8 glasses of water and a handful of vitamins, counting my carbs, and rocking out my pony-tail. Considering it is indeed the first step. That could be a fortune cookie.
2. Who's writing those fortune cookies? Is that a job I could have? What does that job pay? I've got a head full of great fortune cookie fortunes or what about mis-fortune cookies. I could totally write those. "Something will fall on your head" "Call in sick tomorrow for your safety" "A black cat will cross your path" "Someone is watching you" "I saw what you did last summer" - these could go on forever. I actually like fortune cookies. Or fortunes, ok the cookie too.
010111 Memaw Bday phone-09a
I bet there are no fortune cookie books or fortune cookie photo books. Hmmmm.
3. There are alot of wierd things written on places where they just don't belong. Riddles inside candy wrappers opened up a lot of odd ideas. For example- I noticed...
Why are there coordinating riddles on my Shampoo that say see Conditioner for the answer? Why do these riddles suck? Why is this bottle almost empty before I read this riddle? Was this riddle really necessary? Just saying.
4. I'd like to do one of those 365 day or 52 week photo projects. I've seen self portraits, or pics of the same person every day. That seems like it would get old and I'd lose interest in month two. I read about one where it was 2 days devoted to each letter of the alphabet and I thought, that is doable. Considering a 52 week project. Remember, considering something is the first step.

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