Saturday, January 29, 2011

35, day 66 Muse Muse Musing.

So last week's Project 52 theme was "Soothing Repetition" - All I can think about was things to eat or drink.
I rocked out a plate of cookies.

fb 012611 Soothing Repetition-02gla
This week's theme is "Muse" - Muse is easy. Madison is clearly my Muse, as she is my #1 guinea pig for all ideas and projects. She tries all backgrounds and props first.
This is my Muse Last week.

FB 012111 Fun With Madison-14a
Seriously, how am I going to top this? This is my favorite photograph of her so far. The eyes are amazing. The lighting was perfect. I blew it up and framed in the studio already, I couldn't wait. In an effort to try to top this, I've got a new hat and some new backdrops. I love new backdrops.

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