Thursday, January 20, 2011

35, day 56 Ordinary can be Extraordinary

I've been so impressed with my 10 year old this week. On Monday, I punished him for not bringing anything home to study or review for his test on Tuesday. On Tuesday, he worked diligently to attempt to renegotiate his punishment to one day based on the fact that he could not bring home his Reading book.
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Ofcourse that didn't work, because in the 3rd quarter of classes, a student should know that he can't bring home his reading book before being punished for it. Anyway he missed the point of bringing home something. I do commend his enthusiasm for the negotiation. Perhaps a budding lawyer.
He's been a top notch student all week. Tons of quizzing and studying. It's been impressive, so we released him from his no video game punishment. (Which is the worst punishment ever...since he teared up a little, but refused to cry)
He even was my running partner this week a couple times, a mile each time. While we run, I learn about pokeman and various Disney television shows. It's been a really a nice time for us together, studying and running. He's growing up so fast. I just hate it.
The running is going well. I've ran 3.25 miles so far this week. Not a bad comeback.

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