Sunday, May 1, 2011

35, day 160 Catch up

I was on a roll...then WHAM! Life got busy again. Here's a little of what I've been up to, compliments of my handy dandy Hipstamatic!
Grant made his first Holy Communion.

fb 11-04-20 Grant Communion-11amad
Week 16 Madison and I went out to Mrs. Mader's Farm and photographed goats for Week 16 of Project 52.
16/52 Furry Goats
Week 17's theme was "Princess for a Day", so I photographed the Ellenburg House Princess - Madison. We spent Friday watching the Royal Wedding - great fun for the girls.
17/52 Princess for a Day
And yesterday...I took a workshop at USA on Off Camera Lighting. It only made me want to buy more things. Great fun.
Here's the set up...

fb 11-04-29 Class-23
And here's my shot...
fb 11-04-29 Class-27a
We did that all day. I really enjoyed the course and really want to get my hands on some amazing Alien Bees Lighting. That stuff was amazing!

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