Sunday, May 22, 2011

35, day 178 - 10.6 miles

Today was nice. I slept in 'til 9am (unheard of in the Ellenburg House) - while I enjoyed my extra bold cup of coffee and checked my email, I noticed the house was eerily quiet. Where was everyone? Everyone was outside. Wacky. Summer has officially started, they are filling the pool. Yuck.
11-05-22 Phone Randoms-05
After my second cup of coffee, I ventured to check on the plants - and added a few more, some Roma Tomatoes, Red Sweet peppers and a few jalapenos. YUM. This planter looks even better in the daylight.
11-05-22 Phone Randoms-03
Mike really did a nice job.
11-05-22 Phone Randoms-04
Later we ventured out for a late Lunch...Mexican. And then a little furniture shopping. We think it's time for a new sofa. Hmmmm.
I like the style of this one.

11-05-22 Phone Randoms-01
But I want in in the look of this one. I think I can make this one work.
11-05-22 Phone Randoms-02
I also want it in RED, which it clearly says is available on the signage, but I'm told its discontinued. Well, discontinue this signage, darn it. The hunt continues.
Here's one of Madison, just because she is adorable.

11-05-22 Phone Randoms-06
After the house was silent again, I selfishly read 2 more chapters of my Sookie book and rode 10.6 miles on the stationary bike to lessen the guilt of my amazing Chicken Fajita Nacho dinner - good bye 650 calories. And a milestone, my bike cycled 1000 miles again and is back at 0.0 - sweet. And cheesy, because I rode an extra .6 miles to see it.

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