Thursday, May 19, 2011

35, day 175 Catch up...

Catch up. Really, again? Yep. (I'm fully aware of the "blogging" embarrassment)
So, what have I been up to? Well, I've had some fantastic adventures and I started counting calories - yuck. But somewhere along the way of the miserable endless counting, I've misplaced 13 pounds, so kudos to me.
Enjoy a few photos from the past 19 days...
I'm totally in LOVE with this photo.

18/52 Sunrise Sail
My wonderful husband, got me a couple cool filters with my Mother's day goodies. I am determined to find more uses for this filter than the sparkling holidays.
Stary Night
Here I am, on Mother's day weekend...Please keep in mind, I'm probably taller in real life.
fb 11-05-07 Mother's day Weekend-08
And here's my Ellenburg LOVE Trio...
fb 11-05-07 Mother's day Weekend-01a
Madison for week 19 of Project 52 "Window Light"
Minutes with Madison 3
Grant as the "strong man" in the 2nd Grade Circus
web 11-05-12 Circus & Baseball-18
A couple baseball shots with my awesome 8 point star filter (love love love this filter)
web 11-05-09 Braves vs Giants-18

web 11-05-09 Braves vs Giants-13

Week 20 for project 52 "Spring Fever" - I'm totally obsessed with baseball.
Dirt Gloves

To prove that new obsession, enjoy a few more from Little League! (check out the Dust on this one!)
fb 11-05-12 Circus & Baseball-35

fb 11-05-16 Braves vs Giants-01a

fb 11-05-16 Braves vs Giants-08
I sure hope Grant doesn't stop playing baseball (ever) - or even better, that Jackson would desire to play again, then I could be at the ball park 5 days a week, every Mom's dream come true. Long Live Baseball.

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