Saturday, May 21, 2011

35, day 177 - We're all still here

Well, looks like we all survived the latest end of the world hoax. Thank goodness I continued to count my calories, just in case.
As predicted, Mike had us working on his garden contraption ALL day again in the HOT HOT Creola Sun. For a fun change, I wore sunscreen.
Early on in the Morning, Jackson spotted a giant snake - that Mike eliminated. It was creepy big. And when Mike whacked it with a stick & the stick broke on the first strike...I was concerned, but no worries for Mike. Jackson was oddly calm. This was only the second Snake I have seen since we moved into the forest here. None the less, I could have done without seeing it.

11-05-21 Phone Randoms-01
After a few finishing touches, Mike bought more dirt. Like a ton of dirt?
11-05-21 Phone Randoms-02
Then he bought some more...It was dark when we finished up.
11-05-21 Phone Randoms-03
I planted some Cucumbers tonight (since they are $1 each at the market, seems like a good investment for the start) It looks snazzy. He even added some Hanging plants.
11-05-21 Phone Randoms-04
Since it's all ready to go, I'll take Mom out to buy some veggies for it and we'll let the fun begin. Hope you spent the almost last day doing something fun. Since the world decided not to end, I dropped my Nik Software Ultimate collection order. It was a little pricey, so I wanted to make sure the world didn't collapse before I sent them my money ;-)

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