Sunday, May 29, 2011

35, day 185 - Grant's Birthday

Today marks a GREAT family holiday - Grant's 8th Birthday. I absolutely LOVE to buy Grant gifts for any occasion, because this is how he looks when he opens every gift:
fb 11-05-29 Grant Bday-10
He was extra adorable today in his Angry Birds shirt. It was such a nice day. My Mom made Grant a chocolate Ice Cream cake - it was a big hit. He had a couple of friends over and we had close family attend his party.
fb 11-05-29 Grant Bday-01

fb 11-05-29 Grant Bday-02

fb 11-05-29 Grant Bday-03

So, what does an Eight Year old want these days? This one only asked for 2 things: 1. Super Scriblenauts for Dsi and 2. Pokeman Pearl for Dsi, only if I could find it. That sounded like a challenge to me. Michael and I were able to find all these things and more.
fb 11-05-29 Grant Bday-06

fb 11-05-29 Grant Bday-08
We threw in some Legos, Wii Pictionary, and the Nerf battle shield (a must have for the Ellenburg Family Nerf battles) We followed the party with Taco night and some Batman video games.
Eight already. Time sure flies when you're having fun. Grant is such a wonderful, smart, thoughtful son. Happy Birthday Grant. He said, "This is the best birthday ever" - he says that every year. I love it.

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