Friday, May 20, 2011

35, day 176, It would be a shame

In all the end of world Hoopla that was deemed "newsworthy" on all forms of media, I thought, It sure would be a shame if the world did end tomorrow, as we haven't even finished building Mike's raised garden. Yep, Mike has been creating this raised garden contraption for my was supposed to be pretty simple and now it has running water, but still not dirt yet. No matter the amount of sunburn I'm subjected to, we continue to build and paint. Enjoy a few...(before the world ends and all)
The Beginning - Mothers day weekend

11-05-20 Phone Randoms-05
The day of the worst sunburn of my adult life (yep, I'm seriously still peeling) (gross)
11-05-20 Phone Randoms-06

11-05-20 Phone Randoms-08

Today...(yes, that IS running water)
11-05-20 Phone Randoms-15

11-05-20 Phone Randoms-16

Can't wait to see what contraption he comes up with next for it...wish I could say I was looking forward to another Saturday in the Creola Sun.

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