Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bridesmaids, just ok

As a ridiculous movie buff, Tuesday is my favorite day of the week {mostly} because it's the day I can find my anticipated new release. I went in shopping for my sweet Madison, who is addicted to those talking dog buddy movies...she really wanted Spooky Buddies {I found it} and I picked up "Bridesmaids" - how could I not, marketed as "Best Comedy of the Year" -
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-13
I think that marketing was overstated...It was a little slow, I did enjoy it, but it was no Hangover. {Just saying.} Best part was It was a nice break from the madness of the remodel. I got to cuddle up with my favorite guy and just hang out. I'd watch it again if it involved an evening where there was no remodel drama or need for painting anything. I say, watch it. It's not bad.

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