Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weekly Catch up...What have we been doing?

This week found us drowning again surrounded by all things remodel. My room is at a solid 98% complete - I've still got to paint my trim & one door with the gleaming white enamel paint I'm suddenly in love with. Then I will commit to hanging things on the walls. Next stop living room...which is in progress just like the kitchen.
Here's a peek at my super scary, just in time for Halloween, Living room. {I painted that wall yesterday}
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-10

Here's the 2 dots Mike requested I not paint over. Yep, new TV measurements take priority over completely painting the wall. {Ladies pick and choose your battles}
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-11

Grant left me these crumbs after his Tuesday Breakfast. I love that kid.
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-08

Madison has added this cat to her Christmas list. She seems to enjoy robot pets.
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-12

Madison is still enjoying Ballet class & I'm enjoying it too.
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-09

11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-07

The boys went nuts for these - they are such nerds. I added it to their Christmas List.
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-05

This guy ruined my Monday, by swerving off the road & kicking up rocks that cracked the window of my new car. This guy is on my list.
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-04

Caught up on some reading.
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-02

Had a nice dinner out with Mike, no kiddies.
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-06

Slowed down to watch a sunset.
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-03

And still squeezed in some football.
11-09-18 Madison Ballerina-01

A solid packed full week. Sidebar: I've been biking 7 miles every morning. So far 3 mornings in a row. Fingers crossed for 4. Nine pounds to goal, if you're keeping up. I'm pretty excited.

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