Sunday, December 5, 2010

35, day 11

Sleepy Sunday. I stayed in all day. Believe it or not, staying in all day is my favorite thing to do on Sunday.
Spent the first part of my day endless cleaning. There is so much clutter left over at the end of every week - yuck. Mike finished the stucco on on his addition masterpiece. It looks great. Watched the Saints game. I took a nap - loved it. Then I tackled the Christmas lights with Mike and the boys.

I tried to explain to the boys that hanging the Christmas lights looks more fun than it is, it is a bit stressful and tempers will be short. Knowing this, they did GREAT. Those knuckleheads make excellent helpers. Madison watched from the windows with her mug of hot cocoa. She had the right idea, it was cold outside tonight.
My frozen assistant, Jackson. Grant was Mike's assistant. The lights are up. Hooray. Please note my super high energy efficient bulbs.
Magical Mike re-networked my fancy-pants printer and I finally got my printer kicking out my Christmas letter. I've got the first batch ready to go out in the mail in the morning. And in an effort to work on #5 - I made a list of everyone I sent my card to with the current address for an easy guide for next year.
After sealing over half, I was reminded of that episode of Seinfeld, you know the one where George's fiance licks all those envelopes for her wedding invitations and then dies because the glue is poison. Oddly, I think of this every year at the Christmas Card half way point, but never before - always in the middle. Maybe next year I'll remember at the beginning. Doubtful, but possible.

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