Wednesday, December 15, 2010

35, day 20 - Randomness

This daily blog business is tough work. My day is filled with a lot of random thoughts, I'm sure your day it too. However it does seem like they are piling up as another year comes to a close.
1. Holiday Runners - I see you guys, out there taunting me. I'm super jealous. But what I really need to be is an early riser, like one of those 5am gals. If I don't get a run in first thing in the morning, I can kiss it good-bye because I live out in the country and when it gets dark here, it's real dark - and I'm not going out jogging in the night never to be seen again (or at least those are the night terrors I have when I'm out jogging with the lightning bugs of Creola.) Considering early rise for Friday.
2. Car Antlers, why? - I was thinking just this week while driving, how pleasant it was not to see all the very weird Car Wreaths...and the same day I saw a heard of Car Antlers. Why? The wreath I can even justify that it could make sense to maybe truck drivers who spend a lot of time in their vehicle, but there is no way your car could ever been a reindeer. If you're one of Santa's helpers, wear a hat, maybe. Car Antlers. I will never purchase them, and I'll be surprised if the makers of Car Antlers survive the economic fate we are swirling in.
3. Holiday letters - I love them. Confession: I am so giddy when I open a Christmas card that has a gooey family filled holiday letter. Most people are pretty well acquainted with the people that send them Christmas Cards, new friends, old friends, dear friends - I miss those guys. It's so nice to get photos of their babies growing and hear about the yearly adventures. I've sent a Christmas letter out for years.

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