Friday, December 31, 2010

35, Day 36 - Catch up

A lot can happen in 15 here it goes, with photos for the 1000 word effect.
123110 update-01
Bought this mask for Mike for Christmas (Model=Jackson)- it was a hit.
We moved all the work out equipment out of my NEW studio.

123110 update-02
I finally picked a color for the room - I went with "Cinnamon Bun", and hated it. Repainted it "Banana Nut" and LOVE it.
123110 update-03
This is me in my NEW studio, I'm very happy. :-)
123110 update-04
My tiny dog was in a dog fight, developed a terrible expensive untreatable infection and died. It is very sad for our family. RIP Nick, the best dog ever.
Blog 112010 Ellenburg Family 1-21A
I had a great shoot at my favorite track.
123110 update-05
Christmas was a HIT followed by Madison's day after Christmas Birthday Extravaganza.
123110 update-06
123110 update-07
My wonderful Husband, Mike, Christmased in some GREAT furniture into the new studio. Loving it - not to mention my new matching 2nd MAC monitor. Love Love Love it.
123110 update-08
We watched a lot of Movies in Mike's cave.
123110 update-09
Bought new Carpet for the Cave. Might put it in the room and stairs in mid-January.
123110 update-10
Bought a new reflector kit. Madison calls it the Moon.
123110 update-11
Had a great Family shoot in Biloxi.
123110 update-12
Spent the rest of the morning enjoying the coast & hanging out with the Lighthouses.
123110 update-13
123110 update-14
123110 update-15
Had a great lunch with my Hubby. Yum.
123110 update-16
That wraps up the last 15 days and brings a close to 2010. 2010 was a GREAT year, I've got some pretty big expectations for 2011, considering I've got to pack it all in this year with 2012 around the corner.

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