Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jessie's Girl, 35 day 12

Toy Story 2 is alive and well in my house. Madison is completely enveloped inside a cocoon of Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl.
It's so nice. I got to go into the attic and pull down all the Toy Story toys from the boys. I had a lot of great stuff up there, even a Jessie. Madison takes her everywhere. I usually keep Toy Story 2 on in my living room before dinner, and tonight I watched Madison sitting on the sofa with Jessie. They were watching the part where Jessie remembers her little girl growing up and Madison, told her Jessie, "I'll always love you" I teared up. She is such a great little girl - that's a great song too.
"When She Loved Me" - Written by Randy Newman, Performed by Sarah McLachlan
(nominated for Best Song Oscar, 1999)

When somebody loved me,
Everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together lives within my heart
And when she was sad,
I was there to dry her tears
And when she was happy,
So was I
When she loved me

Through the summer and the fall
We had each other, that was all
Just she and I together,
Like it was meant to be

And when she was lonely,
I was there to comfort her
And I knew that she loved me

So the years went by
I stayed the same
But she began to drift away
I was left alone
Still I waited for the day
When she'd say I will always love you

Lonely and forgotten,
I'd never thought she'd look my way
And she smiled at me and held me just like she used to do
Like she loved me
When she loved me

When somebody loved me
Everything was beautiful
Every hour we spent together lives within my heart

When she loved me

The kitchen is a mess. No dishes were done, but I cuddled on the couch with my baby girl and a hideous penguin blanket and watched all of Toy Story 2. After I tucked her into bed, I asked my oldest, Jackson, "What ever happened to that duck Ming Ming?" He said, " They stopped making new episodes." So matter of fact. So practical. So Jackson. Tuesdays are looking up.
More Toy Story, Less Dishes.

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