Saturday, December 11, 2010

35, Day 16

I could have sat here and ordered my bedding accessories online, but I would have missed out on the adventure of shopping with my Mother & my baby girl - we hit the town looking for the most perfect matching red velvet and winter white combos. It was a lot of fun!
I found excellent Velvet throw pillows and some super awesome Euro shams. Confession: Euro shams are an addiction. I LOVE them. I gave up hunting for the perfect dust ruffle - Mom is going to just make it for me. She rocks.
Madison was extra fun today.
She brought Jessie with us every where we went and wore her new cowgirl t-shirt. She really loves to go shopping, but wants to buy nothing. The perfect shopping partner.

It is rumored that Mike and I will be clearing out the work out room & moving it downstairs tomorrow - that means I'm getting closer to my studio dreams.
Oh boy, oh boy!

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