Friday, December 3, 2010

Mike's Birthday, 35 day 9

The list of things to do today was HUGE. I stared early. Once my boys were off to school, I turned up the holiday music on Satellite Radio, poured myself a glass of Nog and wrote a fantastic Christmas letter. Easily the best one yet.
To Celebrate my unblocked writers block, I traveled across the bay to the Pottery Barn. Sometimes I just like to wander through Pottery Barn to be inspired, but this time, I'm looking for a new comforter and a desk. No desk, but I did like these guys.

120310-01 and 120310-05
I'm leaning toward the red velvet quilt - hmmmm. Do I want to spend $325 on one quilt Plus accessories?
Had a Parent/Teacher Conference with Grant's 2nd Grade Teacher. She told me that she would tell me all the things every parent wants to hear, that my child is wonderful in all subjects, and then she did. It is so nice to hear those things about my baby. Thank you Grant. It's so nice that he loves school & Mrs. Douville. We are big fans too!

Michael wanted to take the kids to visit Santa on his birthday, so we did. I love that they are so eager for Christmas Morning. When Santa came out, Madison said "I love Santa!" Santa is a rock star.
Then we took Mike to dinner at the Original Oyster House - it was a really fun night. I always enjoy when we all go out together. The Caples joined us. It was a great time.
I took some great pics of our Santa outing - will work on them tomorrow.

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