Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Letter Writers Block, 35 day 8

I was confident that I had at least two more days to pittle around with this Christmas Letter, but that formerly relaxing procrastination has been rained on by the arrival of the first Christmas Card - an attractive custom painting of downtown Mobile at Christmas and the arrival of my own awesome Christmas Cards.
Wow, I ordered them at 10:30 Monday night and they arrived at 10:30 this morning. No extra charge, my printer is just that good. I love love love them.
So, now I've got 50 holiday cards and half a letter. I went to kitchen Island to relax & write my letter free of distractions. That was short lived. It's Mike's birthday eve and him and kids are in full gear playing The Terminator. I'm going to just say it, that's a bit distracting.

The mask has that robot voice where Mike constantly says, "I've traveled back in TIME to destroy you" over and over again. Even Madison wanted to, "Travel to town" - we may live too far out in the country. This scenerio carried on until nearly 10 pm.
Back to this Christmas letter...I write, then I re-write. I cut and add and paste. It's exhausting. I'm pretty sure I had a drink when I wrote it last year. I'm just sayin. I wanted to write, It's been a good year, The End. But that seemed wrong.
Here's a peek...

P.S. I'm loving my new macbook pro - I was never a laptop kind of gal, but am conforming quite nicely. I will continue this exciting, and possibly never ending Holiday letter tomorrow.

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