Thursday, December 9, 2010

35, day 14

Had a case of the Blahs today. All day. I just couldn't get excited about anything. I even took a trip to my favorite park. It's completely decked out in Holiday festivities...but It just wasn't enough.
I spent most of the day second guessing myself. Playing the what if and if only game. That game stinks. And to top it off, the squirrels were extra creepy today.
Ah, I think I figured it out. Tomorrow makes 10 years since Dad passed away. It's always sad for me the days before because I don't feel like a can mope around because Mom lives with me and I know she will be sad and well, we both can't be sad. I miss him. Dad was my biggest fan. He always believed I could do anything, no matter what it was and he was always so proud. He never talked about the pros and cons, he just knew I could do it. Everyone should have that kind of fan. He always had his head in the clouds. Maybe too much. Mom is the worrier, still worrying for us all. Dad would have been so proud of me starting my own business. I wish he could have been here to see it or to meet all my babies and Michael. He'd have loved Grant and Madison as much as he loved Jackson. I miss you Dad and think about you often.

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